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Presidential Beer

I’ve been remiss in not yet mentioning that Barack Obama is a home brewer, and that the White House has released his recipes. I was planning on trying to recreate them for myself, but Northern Brewer has done it for me!

Both of the President’s beers prominently feature honey sourced from Michelle Obama’s beehives on the White House lawn. Yes, that is the best sentence that has yet appeared on this blog, for those keeping track. Mitt Romney, by contrast, cannot drink beer.

There are two recipes, a honey ale and a honey porter. I just brewed an orange blossom honey heffeweizen, so I’m going to hold off on trying the honey ale for now. But the honey porter sounds interesting. I had never considered honey in a porter, but it could be pretty good. I’m excited to try it out.

So many beers, so little time! And not enough, not nearly enough, fermentors.


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The lovely folks over at the PA Liquor Control Board have cracked down on Iron Hill Brewery’s customer loyalty program, the Mug Club. In a letter to Mug Club members announcing the state demanded changes:

Whether we agree with these decisions or not, or why after 10 years the Mug Club has become an issue, is not up to us to decide. What is important is finding a solution quickly and doing what’s best for our most loyal customers. We want to comply with all the laws and regulations in the states we operate but our primary focus is providing guests handcrafted beer, creative food and attentive service.

We are currently revising the club to meet the regulator’s demands. During the transition from one club to another, the Mug Club will continue to function but with some important changes, including:

Members can continue to drink from the Mug Club mug, but must pay the same price as non-club members, an additional 50 cents over the current price of a pint. The free eight ounces of beer that Mug Club members received was another major issue for the state….

For too long, the dirty hippy brewers at Iron Hill have been destroying our Great State’s morals, eroding our families, and killing our children by evilly rewarding their loyal customers with a very small discount. But no longer! The citizens of Pennsylvania may now rest easier, secure in the knowledge that no damn fool brewer can visit upon them the great moral outrage of giving away eight ounces of beer once in awhile. In related news, Miller Lite’s new “punch top” can, designed to make chugging your beer quicker and easier than ever, remains un-regulated by the state.

Can we please just fucking stop with this idiocy?

…don’t answer that.

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Weekend Slackery

Screw politics, drink beer instead, preferably on a beach!


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Beer Diplomacy

Last night I spent some time talking beer with a brewer from Young’s, in the UK (you may have tried their double chocolate stout, its widely available in the US). We were discussing the rise of craft beer in America and so naturally the conversation turned to IPA, and specifically really big, massively hopped IPAs (if you’re not familiar with IPA, Wikipedia is your friend). He scowled and said that type of beer was simply too intense for the British. They consider big American IPAs to be too intense, in your face, and vulgar. I think there’s a bigger, cultural metaphor in there somewhere. The right to make kickass beers with more hops than is reasonable is why we declared independence after all, right?

At any rate, I have nothing important to say here, I was just unaware of this cultural difference. If you get a chance to try some of Young’s brews, do so. I enjoyed the Waggle Dance, an ale brewed with honey (present but not too overpowering) that’s very smooth and creamy. It’s a well balanced, very sessionable beer. Try it from a cask if you can find it.

(its philly beer week, you didn’t really think I was going to not blog about beer, did you?)

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…and that Philly loves us a whole hell of a lot.

Here’s Philly Beer Week, by the numbers:

Days in Beer Week: 10

Events Actually Happening between June 1 and June 10 (Official Beer Week): 717

Venues: 209

Courtesy of foobooz.

You know you’re jealous.

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“Respect Beer”

I get really annoyed with beer hipsters. And so does Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head, and maker of delicious beer:

We could have taken the easy way out and just sold the bejeezus out of 60 Minute to grow but we like to experiment and create and follow our own muse. Obviously there is an audience that appreciates this as we continue to grow. We put no more “hype” or “expert marketing” behind our best selling beers than we do our occasionals. We only advertise in a few beer magazines and my wife Mariah oversees all of our twitter/Facebook/dogfish.com stuff. We have mostly grown by just sharing our beer with people who are into it (at our pub, great beer bars, beer dinners, and fests) and let them decide for themselves if they like it. If they do we hope they tell their friends about. 

That doesn’t mean the one you didn’t prefer sucked. And the breweries you don’t prefer but are growing don’t suck either. Respect Beer.

Friends, this is me telling you about it. If you can get your hands on some Dogfish, do so. And if you think it sucked, try one of their other brews, they are all very different. I personally hated their Black&Red (mint? ew), but the 90 min IPA remains one of my absolute favorites.

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