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Now Made With Real Senators!

Gotta make ’em useful somehow, I guess.



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I’ve been seeing various liberal blogs and whatnot passing along some version of this paragraph as a kind of “gotcha”: 

Reporters quickly noted that a session for lawmakers called “Discussion on Successful Communication with Minorities and Women” will actually take place in the “Burwell Plantation” room at the resort where the retreat is being held.

It turns out, according to NBC News, the room “is named after the Burwell Family, a wealthy family that owned many slaves in 18th century Southern Virginia.” 

Allow me to fix that for you:

Reporters quickly noted that an organization called “The Federal Government” is actually based in a city called “Washington DC”. 

It turns out, according to obvious common knowledge, the city is named after George Washington, a wealthy man that owned many slaves in 18th century Northern Virginia.

So please, stop making yourselves look silly, and shut up with this. 

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For some reason, the idea of minting a $1 trillion coin as a solution to our debt ceiling is being treated as something other than a huge joke. I can’t begin to conceive of a reason that this could possibly be a good idea except in the “they’re acting like silly idiots so we can too, neener neener neener” sense.

Which is mind numbingly stupid.

So here’s my guess as to what happens if we fail to find a solution and the government can’t borrow: it just shuts down. If it stops paying the EPA and the parks service and all of the other things, it can spend that money on avoiding default.

I don’t think that is a solution. It is also mind numbingly stupid. Just saying, if it comes to it, that’s how I see it playing out.

Which is all by way of saying the debt ceiling is a mind numbingly stupid thing which we ought to eliminate. No congress can bind the hands of any other congress with legislation. If they want to spend less money, they just should just spend less money.

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The congress critters are now less popular than Nickelback.

They’re still more popular than the Ebola virus, so there’s that.

As I type this, I get the feeling I’ve written this exact post before. Oh well, too lazy to search, because its time for beer.

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Why does the Senate even have rules, when you can just arbitrarily define 19 days as being only one day?

The 113th U.S. Senate begins today, and there’s been speculation — all well-sourced — that it might start with a fight over the filibuster. That might still happen. Technically, it might still happen “today.” By that, I mean it may happen on January 22.

This gets confusing. The Senate’s first day begins at noon, with the swearing-in of new senators. The day doesn’t end, however, until Harry Reid says it ends, and the Senate adjourns. And Reid has announced that when “work” is over this afternoon, the Senate will go into recess, allowing this day to roll over. That matters, because only on the first day of business can the Senate vote on its rules package, with a mere 51-vote majority needed to approve them.

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No Deal

The house GOP’s very own personalized crazy bill, plan B, if you like, wasn’t able to pass the… house GOP. Josh Marshall comments:

The likely truth is that John Boehner never had the votes to cut a deal with President Obama. Any deal. Not a grand bargain of deficit reduction. Not a piecemeal deal that might have lessened the blow of all the Bush tax cuts expiring on Jan. 1. Nothing.

Yep. You’re just now getting this?

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I hope this is just a negotiation thing:

“I’m pretty confident that Republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to trying to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals.” – Barack Obama

…are you kidding me? That’s exactly what’s happening! If we all agreed on middle class tax rates and Rs didn’t want to hold them hostage for the high end rates, then we would’ve just extended the middle class rates and then moved on to the next thing. No fiscal cliff.

But instead congress has taken itself hostage and is threatening to shoot the country.

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