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Full of Shit

An exchange between Donald Trump and Ralph Gilles, Vice President for Product Design, Chrysler Group.

Yes, yes he is.

That is all.

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The Donald’s VERY BIG VERY BIG VERY BIG VERY BIG ALL HAIL THE DONALD announcement was an offer. Five Million Dollars (in your best Dr. Evil voice) to the charity of Obama’s choosing in exchange for Obama releasing his college records and passport application, presumably so The Donald and Sheriff Joe’s Posse can pore over them for some proof that Obama is a kenyan socialist mooslum anti-christ. 

I think Obama should do it! He can direct the five million to be paid to NBC in exchange for permanently cancelling all of Trump’s shows. 

Note: I’m trusting the linked blurb on this. I didn’t watch the video, because I don’t hate myself. 

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Donald Trump has spent the day notifying every one that he has a VERY BIG VERY BIG VERY BIG VERY BIG ALL HAIL THE DONALD announcement to make, via Twitter naturally, tomorrow. Rumor has it that maybe that announcement will be that maybe Michelle Obama contemplated divorce 12 years ago, maybe.

Ari Kohen nails it:

Just so everyone is clear, this is probably my favorite thing about American politics right now. A whole bunch of people are very interested in what the “Celebrity Apprentice” guy has to say about who should have access to nuclear launch codes.

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I’ve thought for some time that Harry Reid’s claim that Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years was the functional, liberal equivalent of birtherism. In both cases someone made something up then demanded to be proven wrong via the release of a document.

But the longer this goes on, the less sure I am. Reid is no Donald Trump. He’s smarter than that. For him to still be on this, he’s either the most devoted political suicide bomber in history, or he actually thinks he has something. I’m starting to get the feeling its the latter. I dismissed this whole thing as an embarrassment before, but now I’m not so sure.

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If  Candidate Mitt Romney can’t even tell Donald Trump to shut up, how will President Mitt Romney withstand, for example, pressure from Isreal to carpet bomb Iran?

Oh right, he won’t.

Does he realize that this isn’t a game?

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