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Don’t much care about any of the substantive points raised here, but I do want to point out that online grocery shopping is not about protecting the environment. I find it very hard to believe that such a system would be more environmentally friendly than our current system. I suspect they would net out roughly the same, as each system has different exploitable energy efficiencies not possible in the other.


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I should also note that Brooklyn has a combined sewer system, wherein storm water (including from drains on the curb) and sewage are both fed into the same sewer and jointly processed at the same wastewater treatment plant.

This type of system was popular a very long time ago for its simplicity but its a bad system for a variety of reasons (which I wont get into unless someone is interested). Newer cities don’t combine sewage and runoff, so if these people were doing this in a newer city, they would be actively damaging the environment, and would certainly be in violation of more than a few local, state, and federal laws.

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Update: video imbed didn’t work because someone broke the internets again, link should work now though

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“We have a responsibility to protect these environments, simply because we can” – Dr. Erik Cordes, Assistant Professor of Biology at Temple University, speaking at the Chemical Heritage Foundation last night on deep sea coral ecosystems.

After the Deep Water Horizon exploded and sank in 2010, Dr. Cordes visited coral habitats on the sea floor near the Macondo wellhead in an attempt to understand how they were impacted by the spill.

The federal government protects deep sea coral communities (when it knows their location) by not allowing drilling within the community. However, wells may be drilled as close as only a few hundred yards away from the coral.

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