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Real Virtual Shopping

The benefit of shopping in a real, brick and mortar store as opposed to online on your phone is that you can physically touch and manipulate the items prior to purchase. The downside is less convenience, you actually have to go somewhere rather than sit on your couch.

Conversely, the benefit to shopping on your phone is that you don’t have to go anywhere, you can do it from home. The downside is that the only information available to you about the items is what is provided in the app. 

Having said all that, this sounds really stupid. You have to go somewhere to shop with your phone. All of the drawbacks, none of the benefits. I guess its considered avant-garde or something. Try as you might to make this sound good from an urbanist perspective, the empty lots will remain empty lots with all of the same problems they had before. 

The technology is cool, but a good way to buy your groceries this is not. 

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