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As I approached a TSA security checkpoint in the airport this weekend, a very helpful airport employee informed me that the line to her right was for first class passengers, and to her left was for those flying coach. Predictably, the coach line was long and the first class line had no one in it. The TSA screeners at the coach checkpoint were hard at work while those at the first class checkpoint were doing nothing, waiting for the next passenger to show up.

Having a security line dedicated to first class is a nice perk. No more waiting at the checkpoint. It’s a great selling point for the airlines, and I’m sure they get some added business out of it. But for taxpayers, its a raw deal. We are paying screeners to do nothing so that USAir can offer a sweet perk to people willing to pay. In the grand scheme of the federal budget,or even homeland security’s budget, this probably isn’t even a rounding error. But on principle, why are we subsidizing first class perks?

I’m totally fine with airlines offering this perk. But they should have to cover the cost of added screeners, equipment, etc.


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